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Conflict Management

Nisley Conflict Managers


Nisley’s first cohort of conflict managers were trained with a grant from the Safe and Drug Free Schools program in 2005. The conflict managers now work in pairs at lunchtime and after school to help other students manage their conflicts.


Conflict management education builds leadership and problem solving skills, increases efficiency of academic instruction, increases self-esteem and self respect, reduces fighting, increases attendance and reduces the amount of time staff must spend devoted to discipline.




Nisley has adopted a school-wide program against bullying. The thrust of the program is to galvanize our caring community to stand up and speak out against bullying and to join with those who are being picked on.


At the same time, our individual students learn strategies to use against bullies. Students in grades K-2 learn how to Walk, Talk (to the bully) or Squawk (tell an adult). Students in grades 3-5 learn HA HA SO (Help, Assert yourself, Humor – use it, Avoid, Self-Talk and Own It).