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Student Achieves Perfect 6 Year Attendance


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Rocco Labriola graduated to Bookcliff Middle School after an outstanding elementary career at Nisley. Nisley was the only elementary school Rocco ever attended and attending was something he did well. In fact he was perfect at it. From the first day of kindergarten to the last day of his 5th grade year, Rocco never missed a day of school.

   "A couple of days I felt bad, but I wanted to see my friends so I went into school anyway", explained Rocco. "My friends were a big reason for keeping me at school each day. I had a lot of fun teachers and Nisley is a nice school."

   To go six years without missing a day takes dedication, commitment, good health and a little bit of luck. One thing that is certain is students that have good attendance do much better in school compared to students who do not. Rocco was no exception. Besides his attendance, he is an excellent student.

   Rocco was a great example of the kind of student that attends Nisley Elementary. We are certain he will be a great role model in middle school as well. When asked about how it was going this year in middle school, Rocco replied, "I have not missed a day yet."