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The Great Plains on the Eastern side of Colorado is one of the major landforms in the state. Its elevation is 4000 to 5,999 ft above sea level in Colorado. Most of its area is covered in large open fields of wild grass.  Where ever there is a major lake, river, or stream you will find small groups of trees. The area gets little precipitation (rain or snow) and is fairly hot compared to the rest of the state. 

Animals that live there must adapt to wide open spaces with few trees.  Most animals either live in the ground or have adapted to travel long distances while needing only a little water.

In the picture below for summer, many of the plants are brown.  If you have driven by and see that is fairly green in the summer, then you have seen where humans have irrigated (taken water from lakes and rivers) to grow crops like corn and wheat.  If they did not irrigate their land, it would be similar to the picture below.

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Animals that live in the Plains
Badger Black Footed Ferret
Barn Owl

Black Footed Prairie Dog

Bison Pronghorn
Western Meadow- Lark White-Tailed Jack Rabbit
Harvest Mice Eastern Mole
Nine-Banded Armadillo White-Tailed Deer
Burrowing Owls Greater Prairie Chicken
Box Turtle Sharp-Tailed Grouse